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The MP6 Exempt Age

OTOMOTIFNET - Regulation technique class MP6 alias Standard 125 cc, followed the rules of age. Age of 18 years so the maximum standard for drivers who participate in MP6. PP IMI has been hitting a hammer alias passed. In fact, without limit of age, race certainly busy. Also anticipating the promoter for the lack of participants who start road race. Including solutions for PP IMI are looking for a cheap class.

For example, the new regulations before 2007. The division of class only seeded and beginners. Participants in the more regional championship title and the club event or crowded. This includes the title of national beginners. They came down with a variety of age without dimension. "Everything can change. We see this year responnya. Be an important start, "confirmed Dyan Dilato, 2 Wheel Sports Kabid PP IMI, Jakarta.

Although no age restriction when the birth Hendriansyah, Doni Tata Pradita, M. Fadli, H. Ichal, Word Farera, Reza Pahlevi, until Yudhistira that skill mature before the age of 16 years. That is, under 16 years old name is already bend handlebar.

Era MotoPrix with Mp5 and age restricted, peminat even decreased. For low-class is not available. Promoter also make the lazy road race. If there is no event, also of stagnating. more event, by itself seedlings appear.

Mp5 which took less satisfactory than before the era of the MP. The beginner who has 18 years of racing would have to think. Mikir costs, down in the MP3 or MP4 large funds need to make a competitive motor. Approximately MP6 akan fate is the same with the Mp5, designate quiet!

Like dominoes, have a direct effect Mp5. Mp5 participants not only minimal in the national title, but also in hajatan local club or event. "Seedling must start from early age. But let it naturally. meeting of achievement, "said Ari Wibisono Motorsport Departement of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI).

We hear Nadjib M. Saleh. Nadjib so now the Board of Advisors and also IMI Jogja promoter Venture Sport Club (VSC). VSC has been 5 years to open the class based on age. Beginners have a maximum 15 years, 16 years old, and 21 years. "If we want the restrictions of age, must have the appropriate class. This can accommodate many participants. Not make a regulation limiting techniques such as age, followed Mp5 and MP6, "said Nadjib. Tuh, hear, do not make home. Ask on the field and understand that, understand!

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