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FDR Backward, The IRC

OTOMOTIFNET - nation single tire regulations Indoprix national championship next year and Motoprix oscillate. The economic crisis the world has to make two black rubber manufacturer for the circuit to compete in this national race so think twice sole sponsor. They also think that a single tire can not enjoy all the teams and drivers.

Sucahyono Irawan, head of the field of sports as the PP stated that IMI will still follow the regulations ban single. "As this has been two years running. We want a single tire regulations. As well as the current applied to the MotoGP. Ii make competition more equitable and focus on the engine, "said the slender man smile is cheaper.

Irawan said that, until now the rules candidates monotyre same manufacturer. That is, domestic producers have a Standard National Indonesia (SNI). "We are open on all other producers. But while this new FDR IRC and we get ready. Because they have ever been before so penyuplai single tire, "he added.

But, what is presented Irawan against conditions in the field. As expressed Mahar Mardjono, from FDR. According to him, far day FDR declares I retire if offered as a single Supplier kejurnas. "Economic conditions have to think we make to pay for compensation as a single tire sponsor a national championship. Moreover, hear-hear PP IMI offers a higher price more than year ago, "cetus Mahar.

Next Mahar also feel a single tire rule in the national championship is not the right target. "Perhaps as many complaints that drivers, teams and the promoter. I hear complaints that this rule is to enjoy only PP IMI. For funds to sponsor the team and drivers so shrink. Similarly for the fund promoter balapnya, "said the man who is wearing glasses.

Doddy Gozali. IRC is ready to rule any

Finally, Mahar says, the national championship can not be based on what is now done in MotoGP or World Superbike. "With a single tire, we are aware of and feel, there is no competition for the development of tires. Hence, most likely, next year, we will focus only mensuport team, "he said.

Hear this citadel install any IRC square off. The reason for the chaotic economic conditions-marut also be considered. "We are only sponsoring the team. The likelihood will be reduced, but we try to fund a team that does not diminish, "said Joenaidy Gozali alias Doddy, the representative of IRC.

And, to hear FDR withdraw from the tender monotyre, Doddy posture. He said, is not appropriate even if the PP IMI request increased funding for a single tire sponsor. "In principle we are ready with the rule or open-monotyre tire. But only if we are ready, PP IMI should also loosen the rules, dong, "hope of the former national Superbike.

Middle road ..., free only ban the use of any kind. But, if the producers want their products used in the national championship PP IMI please ask for funds. A realistic number. Let tire manufacturer still be able to sponsor the team and the promoter. So I

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