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Start a computer network developed since 1969 with the research by DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency), an agency under the United States Department of Defense to develop a network of communication between computers in 1972 and the results have demonstrated a relationship 40 computer.
Basically, the goal is the establishment of a computer network so that two or more computers can be connected and when it is appropriate can be used to communicate the desire of men. Use of computer network is the most known electronic mail or e-mail (correspondence in electronics), web, and file transfer.
Like the other computer, the computer in the network there is a hardware and software components of various type.

Router is a device that serves to forward packets from a
network to another network (either LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN) so that
hosts have on a network can communicate with hosts that have
on the other network. Router connecting the network-network on
network layer of the OSI model, so that technically is a Layer 3 Router Gateway. 1
Router can be a device designed to function as a router
(dedicated router), or can also be a PC as a router is enabled.
In this paper, I will only write about the Cisco Router, which is a
dedicated router made by the Vendor named Cisco ( By
Therefore, every word in any posts Router next akan defined as Cisco

Network Interface is an interface that serves to connect the
a host to the network. Network Interface is the hardware that works on
1 layer of OSI Model. Needed by the Network Interface for Router
connect the Router with a LAN or WAN. Because Router duty
connect the network-network, a router must have at least 2 network
interface. With this minimal configuration, the router can connect 2
network, because each network requires a network interface that
connected to the Router.

Console port is a port on the router that is provided to connect the
router on the "outside world". A cable is required to Roll Over
connect the serial interface on the PC and the Console port on the router. After
Router connected to the PC, the Router can be configured to run application
HyperTerminal of PC.

TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) protocol is a group of
manage computer data communications on the Internet. Computers connected to the Internet
communicate with the TCP / IP, using the language because the same type of difference
computer and operating system is not a problem. PC computer with the Windows operating system
can communicate with a Macintosh computer or with a Sun SPARC running
solaris. So, if a computer using TCP / IP and is connected directly to
internet, the computer can be connected with the computer in the world any
which is also connected to the internet.

Local Area Network (LAN) is a number of computers that are linked with each other in
one particular area that is not so broad, as in one office or building. In general
There are two types of network or LAN, the network Peer to Peer network and Client-Server.
In the peer to peer network, each computer connected to the network can act both as
workstation or server. While on the network Client-Server, only one computer
served as a server and another computer as a workstation.

IP address is the address given on the computer and network equipment network
using TCP / IP. IP address consists of 32 bit binary number that can be written
as a group of four decimal numbers separated by dots such as

Domain Name System (DNS) is a system that allows a host name in the
computer network or the Internet IP address to be ditranslasikan.

Network topology is the physical description of the pattern of relationships between components
network, including server, workstation, hub and pengkabelannnya.

Web server is an application that uses HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol
). Understand about the HTTP request (request) is displayed by a web client, such as
Netscape or Internet Explorer (IE)

Zone is a zone of authority consists of a network-a network that is controlled by one
single administrative. Means a zone managed by an administrator.

Top Level Domain (TLD) is the name of the domain-name administration is governed by the Network Information Center (NIC)
in the United States.

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